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Dear reader, welcome
to you onboard !


 Journalist, fond of society, lifestyle, culture, art and fashion, I hope my blog will satisfy your expectation, arouse your curiosity.
In Paris, and from Paris, draws its inspiration.
 Through the launch of this media, my purpose is to share my passions for exhibitions and trends, with you. is your ticket to sit at front row of trends. Without the ambition to mention, neither every exhibition ongoing in Paris, nor the whole cultural news, my design is just to focus on those of the events, that best express my tastes. Good appetite and good discovery!

LC, the editor.





    Great blog, so interesting, because highly provided, pretty much accurate. It probably needs a lot of work, in my opinion. Great pictures too.
    I wish you to go on following this talented way. Useful for French people as well for foreigners.

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