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Interview of Nezha Alaoui, founder of Maison Mayshad

Nezha Alaoui
Nezha Alaoui

-Can you define your personality, in a few lines?

I have the soul of an artist, the mind of an entrepreneur, and the life of a woman who enjoys and accepts the different aspects of her life.
Positivity, determination and sensitivity are the major traits of my personality driven by a strong sense of curiosity.
When I was in school, these traits caused me to be percieved as a child that was too creative and not enough focused on her homeworks.
I have learned with life to developp my focus and find moderation in my life. Those are the values that I transmit today as a proud Mayshad Woman.

-What is your definition of luxury?

Luxury should define the finest quality, but also exclusivity and refinement through simplicity.

-What does the name Mayshad mean?

Mayshad comes from the first syllabus of both names of my daughters Maysoon and Shadeen.
They are in the center of my life and naming my company and life project Mayshad was a natural move for me.

-How does Mayshad improve women’s power?

Mayshad inspires women a powerful lifestyle that allows them to “be who they want to be”, via the different aspects of the brand.
Maison Mayshad is a luxury leathergood’s brand that brings women a strong statement as well as exclusivity in the the fashion world through its limited editions.
When we wear something that inspires us to be stronger, it supports us on our daily life to become a stronger woman. Especially that Mayshad connects us to other women who share the same life philosophy.

-It’s not just about a luxury brand of bags, but also a club which ambition is to empower women of the world. When and how did all begin?

As I created my way to build my inner self, far from social boundaries and happily balancing between the different aspects of my life as a mother, entrepreuneur and artist, I realized that a lot of women in the present world could benefit from my own experience but also from each others life stories in order to lead an empowered lifestyle.
Mayshad is a brand that offers women the possibility to inspire and be inspired.

-What is the theme of the SS 2017 collection?

At Maison Mayshad, we use natural leathers and offer shapes that are refined and practical to women.
Our styles are timeless, but every collection has its unique colors and fabrics that I keep sourcing pushing my creativity further more.
On SS17 the star of the collection is the mosaic pattern, inspired from a technique of print on natural leather.

-What did Paris fashion week bring you?

Paris Fashion week brought us, a beautiful professional experience that helped us move further with Maison Mayshad.
Meeting with international key people from the fashion and media industries was a blessing to our work and to the success of our brand.

-Do you usually take part in others fashion weeks in the world?

It was indeed my first fashion week as I like to attend these events on a professional perspective rather than a social gathering.
I was very focused on the development of the collections for the past years.
Now that we have started attending, we are planning to be in NY Fashion week in February 2017 and of course Paris.

-What makes a Mayshad woman feel singular, unique?

A Mayshad Woman is not in competition with others, she is very demanding towards herself and works for being a better person everyday. I think any woman that positions herself in this dynamic is therefore unique in her style.

-I’ve heard about some of your projects, tell me about the one in Paris, soon…

“Appartement Mayshad” is our new location in Paris. It will host and express the entire Mayshad Lifestyle, within a unique shopping experience as well as the other empowering and refined aspects of the brand.

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