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Work alone but surrounded



 Last week, experienced the art of working alone but surrounded. It was in Paris (where else?), at Coutume Café, Instituutti, which sounds and is Finnish.
Sitting in front of the window, just me, my iPad, and of course my coffee. The second one,from the beginning of the morning. I have to admit it´s sometimes difficult to start working without my cup of tea or coffee next to me…Then, and only then, ideas and lots of inspiration seem to come with more readily. Eagerly.

The second part of this experience was made of observation all around me and my cup of nordic made coffee. Long but strong, to notice.

As discretly as possible I watched furtively on both sides. My right table neighbor, a silent man, was just checking his professionnal emails.
Not quite the same atmosphere on my left: two girls, apparently students in french law, were talking about their next exams, with sometimes of fear and sometimes of laughter, at some stage of their talk.

What I felt during this experience? Not only the thrill of emulation. An underlying feeling of being a secret spy.

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