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It’s in the air…The vintage salon

 UK arty people at the 16th vintage salon in Paris

When estimate something can be seen as “vintage”? To start, let me remind you that the word “vintage” comes from a french one : “vendange”.

If you try to translate “vintage” from english to french, your app iTranslate will give you the following correspondance : “millésime”. Now it’s clearer.

Everything that belongs to the past can be considered as a vintage thing. The 16th vintage salon in Paris will be organised by Laurent Journo, founder of the event. It will take place at the Carreau du Temple, a former covered market, in Paris III, on 18 et 19 october. To resond the question of the definition of vintage, the organisers are inspired, this year, by britain artists from fashion planet. Fans of  Boy George, you won’t miss  his exclusive DJ set, on this occasion, the 18 october,  at 9 PM. The salon is a way to tribute to the most famous fashion designers as Vivienne Westwood and Alexander Mc Queen. Posters, clothes, paintings, (old) gramophone records, vinyls, all made in and from UK are gathered in Paris. As usual, trends of today are inherited from yesterday.

God save the vintage.


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