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Paris, alongside the quay

In the mood for…sailing on the Seine

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Of course, you are a Parisianer and you pretend you know your city…But, it’s not the truth for a huge majority of inhabitants. Some of them have never gone alongside the quays, I mean, all of the quays of the Seine. I guess people who know the whole of the 53 quays of Paris are very very few…

If you have been everywhere along the quays, maybe you are a sailor, or a good walker and a curious people, eager to learn.

In summer, when the air is warm, toursists and Parisianers who don’t take any holidays, will appreciate the opportunity of navigate or just have lunch, dinner, brunch, above the Seine.

A effective way to take a break, and surely a breathe, even if it is a little bit far from the sea…


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